Catching up with the uploads

June 22nd, 2008

While travelling the past few weeks I fell somewhat behind on uploads of the program to the Indymedia Radio site (though I was generally successful with getting them to Audioport on time). I’ve now uploaded the following to that site:

8 May, 15 May, 22 May, 29 May, 12 June.

US increases tensions with Iran, Israel agrees truce with Hamas

June 22nd, 2008

Those are among the most significant developments we discuss in our latest show (for June 19, 2008). Also available on Audioport.

We’ve fallen a little behind in posting shows to the site (I’ve concentrated on getting them onto Audioport during some recent travels). I plan to clear the backlog and get them up soon, probably as a combined post.

Coming up this evening

May 8th, 2008

This evening sees yet another edition of the show, it being Thursday and all that. One of the topics we’ll be returning to is that of the Pentagon Pundits, and the scandal of covert propaganda that has been so under-covered in the mainstream media. The Pentagon has now released over 8,000 pages of documents related to the illegal propaganda campaign, though as the Center for Media and Democracy notes, they are “in a format that makes it impossible to easily search them and therefore difficult to read and dissect.” Speaking of the CMD, I should point to their weekly podcast, where in 5 minutes they cover the most important stories related to spin and propaganda – both governmental and corporate.

Iraq, Iran and more

May 1st, 2008

May Day strike in Seattle in solidarity with Iraqi workersStill live on air with today’s show, but wanted to take the opportunity to post the photo (of the Portworkers’ strike in Seattle) I just mentioned on air, and will post more later.

Update: Finished with the show, and will upload audio later this evening. Today’s show covered the Pentagon-independent expert-covert propaganda story, which has received surprisingly little coverage, as well as Hillary’s provocative comments about attacking Iran, the dockworker’s work stoppage in solidarity with Iraqi workers (demonstrated visually on the left, with thanks to fluffy) and healthcare coverage in the US, with specific reference to McCain’s plan and the presidential election.

Update (2008–05-02): Audio now online on Audioport and

Update (2008-05-03): Also on the WRFU site. And a-infos (radio4all).

Tim Robbins, Censorship in China, and Net Neutrality

April 26th, 2008

The subject line pretty much says it all. Bob’s in Oslo this week, so I did the show solo, drawing on various recorded pieces, including Tim Robbin’s address to the NAB. The link is to Also available through audioport, the WRFU site, and Radio4All.

ACE 2008-04-17 now online

April 18th, 2008

Andrew in the WRFU studio just after the showYou can listen to our latest show online here or here. Yesterday’s show included discussion of Carter’s visit to Palestine as well as an interview with Allison Hantschel about Douglas Feith (the focus of her book, Special Plans). Note that we’re now sharing our content on Audioport, and from the WRFU site. If you’re interested in re-broadcasting the show you can grab it from any of these sources – though do let me know, so I know who’s depending on downloads from which sources, by what deadlines. At present I’m getting Audioport up by Thursday night, and try to get it onto either or WRFU by Thursday too, with links added here, and the third audio source, by some time Friday.

Critiquing Petraeus – latest show online

April 11th, 2008

Bob in studioYesterday’s edition of the show included an extended discussion of  the Petraeus testimony, an update on the Colombian trade agreement, a brief discussion of events in Ecuador, and of former President Carter’s visit to Palestine. Available for download from WRFU or on Pacifica’s Audioport. Starting, of course, with the Interworld Radio news bulletin.

And some advance notice: next week we’ll be interviewing author Allison Hantschel about her book “Special Plans” and neo-con Douglas Feith, whose memoir is due out shortly. Send us an email with any questions you want to ask her.

A Critical Ear online

April 4th, 2008

You can listen to yesterday’s edition on the WRFU site. It’s also available, of course, on Audioport.This week we talked about Iran and Iraq (and interplay between the two), Afghanistan and the IMF, and trade deals in South America. A good show all around, if I say so myself. 

ACE 2008-03-20 programming notes

March 20th, 2008

Today we started with the Interworld Radio headlines, as usual, and then played some actuality from yesterday’s vigil at the veterans’ memorial in Urbana, marking 5 years of war in Iraq. Following some short discussion of the vigil, and an aborted start to an excerpt from the Winter Soldier event, we cut to an interview being conducted with Bob, live on WRFU, by broadcasters from Radio Adelaide’s Back Story. We closed out the show with the compilation from Winter Soldier (compiled by Pacifica) and a discussion of the role of such events and of independent media in providing coverage.

Show still running – behind in podcasts

March 12th, 2008

A Critical Ear has been broadcasting steadily, and I’ve been putting copies up on Audioport (from where WETX-LP picks them up) but I’ve been having difficulty connecting to Radio4All, where I’d been hosting publicly-accessible copies, and so fallen behind in posting here about show editions. This coming week we have a special edition of the show, where regular co-host Bob Naiman will be temporarily replaced by my good friends Paul Riismandel and John Anderson, both of them astute observers of our media environment. We’ll talk about the FCC’s current consultation on LPFM radio among many other things. Should be a fun show. Meanwhile, those listening to the show locally may have noticed that WRFU has gained some new public affairs content in the late afternoon and early evening. We’re building out a public affairs strip on automation, which will run during those hours when we have no scheduled shows (or when scheduled shows don’t broadcast). It should give listeners a chance to listen again to popular local shows such as Media Geek (Paul’s show) and Media Matters, as well as bringing new shows, such as War News Radio, to the community. Let us know what you think.