ACE 2008-04-17 now online

April 18th, 2008 | by aobaoill |

Andrew in the WRFU studio just after the showYou can listen to our latest show online here or here. Yesterday’s show included discussion of Carter’s visit to Palestine as well as an interview with Allison Hantschel about Douglas Feith (the focus of her book, Special Plans). Note that we’re now sharing our content on Audioport, and from the WRFU site. If you’re interested in re-broadcasting the show you can grab it from any of these sources – though do let me know, so I know who’s depending on downloads from which sources, by what deadlines. At present I’m getting Audioport up by Thursday night, and try to get it onto either or WRFU by Thursday too, with links added here, and the third audio source, by some time Friday.

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