Iraq, Iran and more

May 1st, 2008 | by aobaoill |

May Day strike in Seattle in solidarity with Iraqi workersStill live on air with today’s show, but wanted to take the opportunity to post the photo (of the Portworkers’ strike in Seattle) I just mentioned on air, and will post more later.

Update: Finished with the show, and will upload audio later this evening. Today’s show covered the Pentagon-independent expert-covert propaganda story, which has received surprisingly little coverage, as well as Hillary’s provocative comments about attacking Iran, the dockworker’s work stoppage in solidarity with Iraqi workers (demonstrated visually on the left, with thanks to fluffy) and healthcare coverage in the US, with specific reference to McCain’s plan and the presidential election.

Update (2008–05-02): Audio now online on Audioport and

Update (2008-05-03): Also on the WRFU site. And a-infos (radio4all).

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