Trade unions, the organising model, and ICTU’s ONE movement

December 28th, 2020 | by aobaoill |

This month, I interview Fiona Dunne of ICTU about the ONE movement, which provides a grassroots approach to trade unions, integrated with other civil society groups, such as student unions. We discuss the organising model of trade unions, and some of their recent projects, including a campaign to secure workers a legal right to their tips.

In our regular monthly segment from special correspondents Tadhg and Noah, we look back on 2020, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on their schooling, and look towards the rollout of the vaccine in 2021.

News headlines open the show, as always, focusing this month on immigration.

The show is available for download from the Internet Archive, on Google Drive, and from ONEdrive.

The programme is available for broadcast/syndication on non-commercial stations, under a Creative Commons license – use the A-Infos Radio Project version. No advance notice is required, though it is appreciated if you let us know – if you plan to use the show regularly, we can include a shout-out in the credits.

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