Hiatus over, new show now available

November 27th, 2008 | by aobaoill |

So, the hiatus was generally online, as I fell behind in editing and uploading episodes. I’m back now – prompted by the fact that today’s show was recorded using Skype (a first for us) so the editing had to be done anyhow. So, here’s how this show turned out:

We started with a detailed discussion of the state of the agreement between the “Iraq security agreement” between the USA and Iraq. We move on to discussion of calls for diplomacy with Iran. We progress to examine Obama’s appointments, so far, dealing with foreign policy and economics. The original audio contains some digital artifacts at points, due to being recorded on Skype, but is suitable for broadcast.

Update: I was still uploading at Radio.indymedia when I first posted, so neglected to include links to the audio. Well, here you go:

ACE 2008-11-27 on radio.indymedia.org (mp3) and the linking page

Also available on Audioport.

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