A roundup of South America and the Middle-East: this week’s show now available

August 1st, 2008 | by aobaoill |

The show is now on Radio4All and Audioport. This week we cover more geography than usual:

  • We start, as usual, with the Panos Institute news bulletin.
  • Ecuador is in the process of putting in place a ban on foreign military bases
  • Chevron using the US Trade Representative to put pressure on Ecuador and resist an environmental lawsuit. The money quote? We Can’t Let Little Countries Screw Around With Big Companies
  • Disputes in Bolivia about attempts to reform constitution. Rich, white provinces (illegally) undertake ‘autonomy’ referendums to protect their privilege.
  • Venezuela’s Citgo to offer Venezuelan coffee at their service stations. Post-air update: this is currently a pilot program in Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia, and Citgo will expand it if there is interest.
  • AIPAC-backed Congressional resolution calling for blockade of Iran losing steam. Four original sponsors have now revoked their support.
  • Ultimatum on ‘Freeze for Freeze’ proposal coming up this weekend.
  • Possibilities of a US ‘interests section’ in Iran.
  • Prof. Francis Boyle of Illinois says Iran should sue the USA in the International Court of Justice. We discuss the positive normative and diplomatic aspects of such a move. A video interview with Prof. Boyle is available on YouTube.
  • US still negotiating ‘security agreement’ with Iraq – have now missed their original deadline. We discuss the issue of ‘permanent’ and ‘enduring’ bases.
  • Iraqi government supports Obama’s call for a timetable on withdrawal.
  • Increased opposition to calls for more troops being sent to Afghanistan – even Thomas Friedman has criticized Obama’s calls for more troops.

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